Eldon Helton, President and Owner, is a 30+ year veteran in the carbon fiber industry. Mr. Helton has an extensive background as a business executive, and is known as a pioneer for new product development.

When established, E&L Enterprises, Inc. primarily manufactured a material made of carbon fiber. This product was molded into rigid board insulation for high temperature furnace applications.

Mr. Helton realized after many years of research and development that there was a great need to recycle carbon fiber. A unique grinding process was introduced to reclaim the different types of carbon fiber. A product that once was labeled as non-conforming could now be recycled and used in many different applications. This process was well accepted by many carbon fiber companies, and has saved millions of dollars in disposal costs while still offering a quality, cost effective product.

As applications for the amazing properties of carbon fiber continue to grow, E&L Enterprises, Inc. will be on the forefront of this new and exciting technology.
Located in the beautiful hills of East Tennessee, the Oakdale, Tennessee facility serves as company headquarters. At present, company facilities include approximately 13,000 square feet of production and office space.