Meeting Customer Demand

Company expansion and increased production of carbon fiber gives E&L a competitive edge that our customers appreciate in terms of cost and availability. Currently E&L has the capacity to mill up to 400 tons of carbon fiber per year.

E&L’s production capacity is more than adequate for the current market as well as for new markets. Our knowledge of timely new developments will continue to make us an industry leader. You can count on it.

If you’re adding carbon fiber to your present operations or searching for new applications requiring carbon fibers, E&L Enterprises is known as an industry leader. E&L’s delivery and service records have earned us a preferred supplier status among its customers.

Annual Production Rates

E&L’s production rates show that carbon fiber production is once again on a steady incline and market studies predict that it will continue to do so.

New applications are emerging for chopped and milled Carbon Fibers beyond uses for the aerospace, medical and engineering industries. Therefore, the demand for products that E&L offers is expected to dramatically increase.