Our Mission

E&L Enterprises is committed to operating our business in an innovative and environmentally safe manner, while providing quality products that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.


  •     Customer satisfaction
  •     Supply products that meet customer specification 100% of the time
  •     100% on-time delivery of products to customers.
  •     100% trace-ability of each product.
  •     Continual improvement in processes and new development

Keeping Our Customers On The Cutting Edge

The operations involved in producing high quality milled carbon fiber are continuously improved and optimized by the technicians at E&L to ensure both operational excellence and superior products. Our outstanding Quality Control Program ensures that only the highest quality product leaves the plant.

We have developed and maintained a Quality Management System to assure that the products we offer meet our customer’s needs today and in the future. Processes are continually monitored and analyzed in order to pinpoint opportunities to provide better products at a competitive price.

As applications requiring carbon fiber continues to grow, we are and will be on the forefront of this new and exciting technology.